New Generation Playgrounds
Geo Group

Witch serisi çocukların fiziksel ve zihinsel gelişiminde büyük rolü bulunan tırmanma fonksiyonu üzerine kurulan bir ürün serisidir. Ürün temel olarak tırmanma kulelerinden ve kaydıraklardan oluşmaktadır. Seri konvansiyonel oyun gruplarına oranla, ürüne erişme aracı olarak çocukların enerjilerini daha rahat atabilmelerini destekleyecek ekipmanlar ve tırmanma elemanları ile çerçevelenmiş bir ürün serisidir.

  Witch Series

  Jungle Series

Spider Group

One of the most favored product by the children is 3D rope climbing. Produced consistently with the World standards, in this Seriess ropes are put under 170 tons of pressure to strictly tighten up to each other and become one extremely strong and reliable rope that can carry any weight up to 7 tons.

  SGM Series

  SG Series

Adventure Series

Product height is about 6‐11 meters in the fantastic Seriess yet these Seriess are completely safe for the children since it is not possible to get out of the system by accident. Chrome slides and other chrome equipments that are used in fantastic Seriess are made out of stainless steel and all details designed on the game are consistent with the standards of TS EN 1176 Seriess.

   Metal Series

  Wooden Series  

   Timber Series

Fantastic Series   

Dynamic Group

Compact Seriess are made out of a minimum 19mm, multicolored high intensity polyethylene panels. This is a fireproof material which later put into the CNC machines to be shaped and designed again for more details. Slides that are being used for the compact Seriess are produced ergonomically out of stainles steel.

   Silver Series

Compact Series   

Electronic Playgrounds

We found a way to attract our children whom are surrounded by TV, tablets, phones and digital games to the active playgrounds and the way is, to combine digital and physical gaming experiences in one playground. These playgrounds are also eligible for the use of disabled children.

  Feet Games

  Hand Games

  Inclusive Playground

Modular Climbing

Awarded by Reddot and German Design Award, Deltoik Modular Climbing models are composed of 3 main and 3 fixture parts which combined according to the appropriate designs that give desired shape, size and height. A slide can also be tied up to the system. Deltoik pieces are produced with the rotation technique.
Deltoik    Gimlet    Bouldering      Balance  
Astero Luna    

  Swings   Carousels    Seesaws   Springs
  Ziplines Trampolines Hoops  




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